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חינם! אתה יכול להוציא לאור את הספר שלך

Free! Amazon will help you become a books author- they will guide you and publish your book, free of charge.
I love books and read a lot, but becoming an Author of Books is something else! Apart from the financial rewards, there is a deep satisfaction- nay, a thrill, hapinesss and pride- in publishing your own book.

Until now, it was difficult to publish a book- after writing your manuscript, which may take years, you must knock on many publishers' doors, to convince them to accept your book. The cost? very expensive- they may give you an estimate of, say, about $30, 000 - but it may go higher. There is a first review, and a second review, etc. No doubt they are professionals and will improve the quality of your book, and will help you selling the book, so the money is well spent, if you can afford it. I couldn't.

Now came Amazon with an offer I couldn't refuse: They will publish my manuscript, as a printed book and/or as an electronic book- what I want. I decide on the book's content and appearance- it may be in black and white, or in color; low cost or expensive paper. You decide on the book's price. For an electronic book, the price starts from zero- yes, Amazon will present your book on its site, worldwide, and will deliver it to buyers.

For a printed book, there is a minimum price- so Amazon will, at last, make some money from selling your book.
But Amazon will only make money when you do- a very generous offer, if you ask me.
They have excellent guides, documents to teach you about books printing, typesetting, etc. - a pletora of new terms. Then Amazon will review your book and will show you your errors, and will guide you on improving your book, until it meets Amazon's standards for books publishing. They will give you free software to help you write and improve your manuscript.
Bottom line: if your passion is publishing your book, even if you don't have money to invest, you may make it.

If and when you pass Amazon's examination and review, your book is instantly published on Amazon's site and starts selling. If you want to promote your book- Amazon will guide you too. Apart from free guides, there are books at Amazon to help you with selling and marketing your book.

Conventional publishers will only print an agreed number of copies of your book, say 5,000 or 50,000.
You have to decide how much to print, and it is a gamble: if you order a small edition, the printing cost is lower, but the book's price is higher- you have to recover costs and make some money too.
But the book becomes Out of Print and unavailable to readers- sooner, when all your books are sold.
If you print a large quantity- the book's price can be lower, but your initial cost is higher and you may end being stuck with a lot of unsold books.

Not so at Amazon- a printed book is only printed when someone orders it; so it is an unlimited, infinite edition.
You don't have to worry about printing or shipping your book- Amazon will expertly do it all.

How much will you earn from your book? At Amazon, your royalty is higher: 70% , versus about 8% in conventional publishing.

But this is not advice on how to choose your book publisher- book publishers may argue the above points, and they may be right. I am not an expert in this field. I only report from my personal experience with Amazon.
And no, I am not rich thus far.

Some people, like myself, love printed books; others prefer electronic books, which are always available, at their fingertips, on their smartphone, computer or Kindle device.
When you buy an electronic book, you immediately receive it, electronically of course, and you can start reading it immediately. Consider the pleasure of immediate satisfaction of your curiosity or your needs.
Consider the book you have written, being made available immediately, anytime day or night, to anyone wanting it, worldwide!

Despite all these wonderful things at Amazon, I still found something to complain about:
I wrote them asking to publish my book in Hebrew- at present the Supported Languages don't include Hebrew.
Amazon answered that, indeed, they don't accept manuscripts in Hebrew at present, but they work at it.
You won't have a problem, though, if you write in Afrikaans, French, Northern Frisian, Alsatian, Frisian, Norwegian, Arabic (eBook only), Galician, Nynorsk Norwegian, Basque, German, Portuguese, etc.

Books writing creates assets for you- intellectual property. You may get passive income.
Creating assets and passive income is the way recommended in the book "Rich dad, poor dad" to become rich.
This advice apparently works in real life- Robet Kiyosaki indeed became rich using his method.
If you want to retire young and rich, as Kiyosaki says, you may want to follow his advice.

Robert Kiyosaki's book, available at Amazon Store.

I tried this revolutionary books publishing system at Amazon, and it works. My book was published at Amazon- an electronic book and a hard copy, printed book too.
And it didn't cost me anything- there are no hidden costs or tricks, it is truly free.

[מהנדס מרק זוטא]

[Patent attorney engineer]

This book is available at Amazon Store as an electronic book

The printed, paperback book at Amazon Store



This is not professional advice. Before doing anything, you should consult with professionals: Engineers, Accountant, Patent attorney, Lawyer, Sales and marketing experts, PR, Product design, Safety and standards consultants, etc.
You should learn as much as possible about the subject of your interest: from other sites on the Internet, as well as books, periodicals, products and services now offered on the market, etc.


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